Posted To The Social Credit Google Group 01/12/2017

Me:  Joe,

That may be true now, but what if we put our heads together and built an organization that communicated to the small to medium sized business community both their self interests via the discount and, as these programs are partially funded by them, less taxation for welfare, unemployment and even social security, and also showed them how it would result in the stabilization of the economy over all via a dividend?

We could also show them how re-defining full time employment from 40 hrs./wk to 20 hrs./wk of employment, 20 hrs./wk of volunteerism and/or self determined positive and constructive purposeful activity plus a $1500/mo.dividend could help acculturate people to leisure and hence allay their fears/objections that a dividend would “make everybody lazy”.  This kind of grass roots organization is exactly what is needed to change thinking with what is potentially a great ally for Social Credit and a way to sway politicians from both liberal and conservative sides.
JT:  Steve, whenever that’s been attempted here in the past, it’s eventually taken form as a separate political party.   And then it has to have a position on virtually everything else in the whole political spectrum, and the original purpose it  formed for seems to get sidetracked.  Douglas proposed an alternative to that, which, in the time and place it was made, might have stood the best chance possible to get the ball rolling.  Maybe still, I don’t know.
Me:  Yes, forming a political party is undoubtedly a flawed way of progressing because as you say it sets up all of these dualistic battles that end up in schismatic egoistic opportunities to disagree  and hence no actual progress occurs. That’s precisely why a third focused and unified grass roots movement that integrates and communicates the interests of presently understood opposing constituencies (business and the individual) is the way forward. That’s how Ghandi did it, that’s how MLK, Jr. did it, that’s how republicans, obeying what is referred to here in the states as “The Powell Memo”, came back from the crushing defeat of Goldwater and largely captured the political and cultural power centers.

What exactly was Douglas’s suggestion?

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