Economics Cannot Remain a Closed Body of Knowledge. It Must Integrate With a Philosophy and Spirituality That Embraces Both The Laws of Thermo-Dynamics and Good Open Minded Science

And That is what Wisdomics/Gracenomics is and does. It ascends (spirituality) by intellectually integrating (wisdom), by embracing (love) and acting with same (grace).  There is absolutely no conflict between the intellect-science and the philosophical and spiritual and each and all realities are unified, respected and applied within it. I have been saying for a couple of years that the insights of thermo-dynamics must be integrated into Social Credit. As total costs exceed total individual incomes and energy is randomizing when put to work its costs will ever increase as will the costs of waste as a result. These costs are in addition to the valid insights of Social Credit regarding ever increasing fixed capital depreciation costs as well as the costs of waste.

Also as The Cosmic Code is an integrative formula and inclusive and unifying philosophy-spirituality, all of economic theory fits within its mindset and its economic policies are both relevant  and resolving. Furthermore, I came to the above conclusions more quickly as philosophy and wisdom-spirituality are more integrative and encompassing bodies of knowledge and hence the leaps in knowledge come directly and instantaneously as opposed to science which is a wonderful and necessary tool, but all too often hampered-slowed by its reductionistic method. Again, Wisdomics-Gracenomics being fully integrated with science and yet having the additional tools of wisdom-spirituality is able to see the correct policies and how they would be effected….much more quickly and fully.


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