Natural-Spiritual Wisdom: Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Allness-Eachness-Process

Everything in the physical-temporal universe follows the process of Start, Change and Stop. Wisdom is being conscious of each and all of these inevitable steps, the entire process as a whole and how best to relate to and/or apply such knowledge. Again, this reality is embedded in and occurs continuously in and throughout every aspect of Life. Obsessing about one, two or all of the steps in this process without considering the whole of the process and its meaning results in unconsciousness, suffering and ignorance. Conversely consciously understanding and living in accord and at one with this utterly basic reality is the very definition of balance, flow, equilibrium, happiness, inner power, love and a life of grace and graciousness. It is also the key to attaining and maintaining all of these states in Man’s various systems.

Insisting that reality is dualism only is a modern idiocy that habitually does not look closely at reality and/or refuses to do so. Two examples of this are breathing and “science”. A typically modern perspective on breathing is that it is a dualistic process of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide when it is actually the trinity-unity-oneness-process of the unconscious decision/need for oxygen and the actions of inhaling and exhaling. Likewise science to most people probably including most scientists is the comparison of data to a hypothesis when its is actually a conscious hypothesis and then the dualistic process of consciously comparing data to it and consciously evaluating its agreement or disagreement with the hypothesis. And so one sees that the process itself is a trinity-unity-oneness and that the subtle  but essential component of actually seeing it as such is the factor of consciousness itself….which however vaguely perceived or self actualized is key.

Trinity-Unity-Oneness is the conscious perception of both physical and spiritual process-reality, and as we see from the breathing example is also reality whether it is consciously perceived or not.

Actually, ultimate and continual reality is a Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Allness-Eachness-Process because each and all of its realities are real…and conscious perception of all of these aspects is the key to seeing them.

Finally, the concept and personal reality of grace, being a Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Allness-Eachness-Process of space-time and self awareness, it is the concept that fully encompasses all of the above and is hence the concept applicable and necessary for full understanding in any sphere of life and living…..and economics, economic theory and monetary policy, as they are systems that intimately, continually and comprehensively effect human life, are the most urgent and key systems-bodies of knowledge that grace need be applied to.


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