The Next Step In Solving The Financial Monopoly

Apply Social Credit-Wisdomics’ dual abundant policies to health care. In other words give the individual policy holder say a $250/mo. stipend payable only for healthcare coverage and enlist health insurance and pharmaceutical providers in a retail discount program with a 40+% discount. You’d also undoubtedly need to intensely monitor any possible monopoly collusion between providers, encourage new start up providers and also implement government research (governed also by Social Credit-Wisdomics philosophy) into medical and pharmaceutical innovation as these are ways for these industries to inflate their prices and profits.

Health and pharmaceutical corporations would find this opportunity to sell their products and services at a 40+% discount and yet get their full best competitive price irresistible and necessary in view of competition and the encouragement of new start ups.

This would also be an excellent time to begin my concept of Operation Wisdom and Grace to the rest of the business community as it shows the way to integrate grace into the economic system for the greater benefit of the individual, the greater profit of enterprise and the de-throning and ethical re-integration of the business model of finance…..all in one fell swoop.


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