Grace-Consciousness: Both Existential and Emergent

I believe Grace-Consciousness is both existential/existing and emergent as a result of the cosmos having, if not the intention to be conscious of itself, at least a most basic thrust and vector toward such. This to me explains evolution better than mere random selection, random selection being the mechanism, the thrust toward integration, combination and ultimately therefore increased self awareness-consciousness being the underlying and most operant deciding factor in selection and better survival.

And so The Cosmic Code for matter is the Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process of

[ (A x B)   <–>  G/C ]

while The Cosmic Code for all animate life is

{ I/L –> [ (A x B)  <–>  G/C ] }

and for humans is

{ CI/L –> [ (A x B)  <–>  G/C ] }

all still a Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process simply extended by virtue of the fact that humanity is conscious to one degree/level or another and continues to evolve toward higher consciousness of Grace as the forever and continuing state of the cosmos, of which it is a part.


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