The Relevancies, Reflectivities and Recognitions of The Cosmic Code/Trinity-Unity-Oneness/An Integrated Duality Within an Integrative Trinity That Is Simultaneously a Unity-Oneness

Hegelian Dialectic, Electricity/Electro-magnetism, actions of consciousness itself (reach, withdraw, be) and their reflectivity of the nature of the quantum universe (particle exists, particle goes out of existence, particles entangled via consciousness which is utterly integrated within and throughout the cosmos) composition of the atom, Fibonacci sequence, scientific method, relevant to new economic and monetary theory, relevant to the process of gaining wisdom, personal insight/problem solving, nature of psychological experience of Grace and the relevance of the philosophical concept of grace to various human systems, electric universe paradigm, plasma cosmology, connected universe, the notation  <–>  in The Cosmic Code as the feedback between consciousness and the temporal/physical universe, between consciousness and itself, between consciousness and the mind, between consciousness and others/others to others,


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