Science: A Trinity-Unity-Oneness Process

Science: A Trinity-Unity-Oneness Process
Science any more is too caught up in the dogma of its dualistic process of comparing observations to that hypothesis and forgets that because it includes and begins with a hypothesis in its process it is a Trinity-Unity-Oneness process itself. And even if you want to say, “No, it’s only the process itself” ….what about the process of comparing observations to an hypothesis…followed by a conclusion regarding the observations??? The more you train yourself to look just a little closer the more you realize that life and everything you look at in it actually IS a trinity-unity-oneness process.
If science and scientists recognized this more clearly they would also be more open to new and more completing data thus making the pursuit of scientific truth less authoritarian and dogmatic and more reflective of good open minded science.
And then, in order to discover even greater truths, they might consider integrating the factor of consciousness in their method/hypothesis. That way they’d be more likely to experience scientific breakthrough which has always been an integration of the scientific method and an aspect or aspects of consciousness. For instance Einstein’s breakthrough use of imagination in visualizing a man jumping out of the window of a building across the street from his office at the patent office and sliding down space-time to the ground.
What is missing in the current trinity-unity-oneness-process of the scientific method is….conscious awareness of the continual existence and necessity of a viewpoint that is fully conscious in present time….in order to observe….in the first place. Consciousness exists, and the sooner science includes it in their analysis the faster we will progress toward the resolution of our converging modern crises.

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