Posted To Facebook 11/25/2016

I suggest we integrate the two potential paths you outline taking the best and most humanly affirming aspects of both. Technology and spirituality do not necessarily have to be in conflict. I also agree that Jacque Fresco’s and Peter Joseph’s perspectives lack sufficient spiritual insight to be a stable or long lastingly humane future. I am not an orthodox religious person in any sense actually, but have experienced and experimented with several wisdom traditions in my life and I have come up with a formulaic model for the integration of both science and spirituality that I refer to as The Cosmic Code and am compiling a book by the same name. Some of that can be found at if you or anyone cares to review it.


Actually reading Joseph’s words above I think they may have “come along” a bit since I last checked their website. There are several movements that could integrate and and hasten our evolution. Permanently resolving the current lingering economic and monetary crisis, boosting the resource conserving aspects of technological change and AI and upping our consciousness with a formula that utilizes the actual process of wisdom (integration) and additionally what I refer to as Grace-Consciousness would probably do more to hasten such than any other combination of forces.


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