The Final Integration: Maya Is Real, But So Is Consciousness Itself. Being Able To See and Experience Their Thirdness Integration Is Freedom and The Higher Truth. Knowing Trinity-Unity-Oneness Makes Everything More Real

All truths in the temporal universe are inversions of a greater truth. This is why flying can also be seen as controlled falling….and both are true. And the only way to overcome the controversy and know which is the higher and free falling reality is to attain/experience the thirdness reality of orbit. The same goes for the free flowing experience of Grace which is the free flowing state of the complete integration of opposites. Reflectively the same goes for how to achieve free flowing economic equilibrium. It requires not just a statistical equilibrium, but monetary and price escape velocity, i.e. a continuous flow through time of “the higher disequilibrium” ratio of more total individual incomes than total prices. Only then will we have true individual and systemic economic free flowingness.


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