The Retail Discount Expanded

Wisdomics/Gracenomics advocates an expansion of the Social Credit policy of a compensated retail discount where the retail product of any producer, in other words any product or service is included in the discount policy mechanism. Every industry, every enterprise has a retail product the same as traditional retail merchants do. The discount must also be applied at traditional retail as well.

This expanded discount mechanism has the advantages of including all businesses thus encouraging greater “buy in” by them. It also virtually saturates the economy with price deflation and yet because it is entirely rebated back to the business it fits seamlessly within profit making systems. It also prevents any additional/excessive price increases that may be missed/obscured/for whatever reason not calculated, and so tending to make the discount only at traditional retail, less accurate.  Finally, this much more thoroughly downsizes the need and necessity of finance which has been a problematic business model for over 5000 years.

Let finance become the business model that creates loans, but primarily and effectively does its job of assessing creditability and market saturation….instead of being an oppressive monopoly that encourages asset inflation, manipulates nations and even regions and prevents true economic progress.


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