Quantum Entanglement/Natural Metaphysics/Consciousness: The Cosmic Code

Quantum Entanglement of two particles is a Trinity-Unity-Oneness and the entanglement itself is consciousness composed of affinity for each other, two way communication with each other and utter cosmic integration/unity which creates the reality of a continuing thirdness.

That is it is Affinity/Love, Communication between two separate factors, i.e. an integrated Duality and utter/complete integration/unity/wholeness/thirdness. In other words the expression of the expanded Cosmic Code:

[ I/L –>  (A x B)  <->  G/C ]

Now  one can expand this into a natural metaphysical understanding by integrating it thusly:

[ I/L –>  (A x B)  <->  G/C ]   = Spiritualistic form of The Cosmic Code

[ (A x B)  <–>  G/C ]  = The Scientific/Naturalistic form of The Cosmic Code

[ ( [ I/L –>  (A x B)  <->  G/C ]  x  [ (A x B)  <–>  G/C ] )  <–>  G/C  ]  =  Natural Metaphysics

Finally, entanglement is simply knowingness-consciousness as demonstrated by Einstein’s suggestion that entanglement was like putting a pair of gloves in two boxes and taking them to two opposite points in the world. The moment you opened one of the boxes you immediately knew that the  glove in the other box was its opposite hand. The difference is space and time intervene in our universe while in the quantum one they actually do occur simultaneously. Simultaneity is an aspect of mysticism which means that the primary underlying reality of the cosmos is a Trinity-Unity-Oneness of opposites….exactly as The Cosmic Code expresses it.


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