The Full Cosmic Code and The Kingdom of God Within…And Without

The intention/decision to love is the beginning of all that is good and gracious.

Determining what is most loving in any given circumstance is the primary function and purpose of Wisdom.

Wisdom is the process, the action of integration of truth. That is, it is an inner action, a continual inner action. The pinnacle of Wisdom is Grace which is Love in action.  Thus the inner experience of Grace is the loving action of the continuous integration of truths and hence a graceful and gracious flow of consciousness.

Grace is Love in action. Thus in the temporal/physical universe it is the continual expression of Love.

Continually integrating the state of one’s inner beingness and outward behavior so that they are completely reflective  of each other is honesty. Creating Love and doing the same is Grace.


These five realities, definitions and  are the very description of the full Cosmic Code.

[ I/L –>  (A x B)  <-x->  G/C ]  where I/L is the intention/decision to love,  (A x B) is the internal process of Wisdom which is the best integration of all factors,  <-x-> stands for the integration/continuing integrative combining of  (A x B) and G/C, G/C is the temporal expression of Love in action which is Grace consciously expressed and  everything within the brackets  [            ] is this continuous process itself.


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