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Me:  An excellent understanding of both transcendent and temporally applied Grace Wally.

As for “Chacun a son gout”  of course everyone is entitled to their own taste, but if economic and monetary policy accurately reflects a philosophy of Grace in each and every way and solves the problem instead of palliating it…..would it be gracious and resolving….or not?  Can you please answer that question directly?

GM:  Because you asked. I answer that The only honest answer: “it depends.”  Imho. SC is  not the New Dispensation and not divinely inspired.  It looks good in paper, but so did the Holy Roman Empire.  Fallen nature Always finds a way down. So I am skeptical of this pseudomystical rhetoric, but if you want to make that case to politicians you will probably need buy-in and endorsement from recognized authorities on scripture, theology, etc.  In the US, thus might mean Billy Graham or Dr. Dobson or Pat Robertson, who have political movements and credibility behind them.  In Catholic regions, probably the hierarchical Church, whose teaching falls in deaf ears, often, here, and whom many in the South still see in Elizabethan terms.  The reality is that argumentum ad verecundiam works.  If Trump announced a SC proposal citing logic of Grace and quoting any of us,  the likely response would be, “Whodat?”. Considering that you want to make a frontal assault on what you call Puritanism, and the Puritans are heroic Pilgrims here, if you want to do it by propounding a novel interpretation of Grace, Faith & Works, you should probably enlist some strong, or at least credible,  allies.  I don’t see Moses standing on a hill with his arms up, do you? Which hill, where? Coincidentally, today the Mass Reading was Paul writing to the Thessalonians on the importance of working to ‘eat one’s own food.”
Chacun a son gout,

Me:  Unfortunately….I agree with almost all of what you say there with the proviso that new ideas, or even old ideas that are applied to new systems are the ones that have historically had the greatest and most positive effects. Like the historical events and movements I referenced in the other thread. Again, I’m not disagreeing, only pointing at the historical precedent of third ways/applications.

Note: The post on the other thread:

Me:  Yes, and memes that express new paradigms or aspects of same are potentially the most powerful. That’s why the idea of Grace the free gift changed the world spiritually in the first century, grace as in abundant knowledge with the Gutenberg press, Grace as in directness and freedom in the Reformation and Grace again as the free gift in economic and monetary systems…hopefully very soon.



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