My Two Greatest Foils Steve Keen and Mish Shedlock….And What They’re Missing/Rejecting

Steve Keen has transcended General Equilibrium, but is only partially conscious of the concept of grace being the solution to economic stability and the end of financial monopoly/tyranny.

Mish Shedlock  is Austrian/Libertarian so he believes the market is disequilibrated by government policy, but still believes the market will equilibrate if we just leave it alone. He is also philosophically opposed to monetary gifting as Austrians/Libertarians are ideologically hide bound to the slogan, “There ain’t no free lunch-gift.”

So they partially miss/reject the concept of grace as in monetary and economic gifting. They’re both also missing/rejecting the concept of thirdness-unity-oneness and the Integrated Duality Within an Integrative Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Action-Process of The Cosmic Code. Keen probably on his belief in science and belief in the irrelevance of spirituality even though good science is the Trinity-Unity-Oneness of:

[ ( the dualistic process of comparing data)  <->  A truly open mind ]   and good spirituality is expressed thusly:

[ (Spiritual Beliefs x Belief in Grace as in tolerance and understanding) <-> Graciousness ]

And again, Shedlock is philosophically and economically opposed to the concept of gifting so it’s a complete non-starter with him.



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