String Theory/Quantum Science Attempts To Describe Consciousness

And it’s pretty close

[ (particle existing  x  particle not existing)   <->   Strings quiet the chaos of the quantum foam ] = Grace-Consciousness

The reflectivities are all over the place. All they have to do is integrate their scientism with spirituality.

For instance “Branes” and curled up dimensions are reflective of the microcosm and macrocosm, omniscience and omnipresence. Strings whether round, are reflective of oneness, continuum and eternity, or twice attached, of dualism’s endless variations. Vibration of strings, music of the spheres, its flow, lovely and melodious variety of tone. Gravity and the Graviton  are reflective of the subtleness,  difficulty in perceiving and, in a merely dualistic/materialistic paradigm, the unsee-ability of consciousness. In fact gravity is an inverted unintegrated name for consciousness.

Of course if they just decided to consider that consciousness is utterly integrated with, an integrative aspect of the physical itself….they’d cognite that they are still just using a hammer approach to a cello or French Horn (Chacun a son gout) cosmos.


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