The Cosmic Code: A Formula/Model of Wise and Gracious Integration In All Spheres and All Levels

Unfortunately and presently, the almost complete lack of willingness  to integrate or even look at integration itself is obvious, even though it’s the wise and intelligent thing to do. It’s pitiful and frustrating. This is why The Cosmic Code as a formula, a model for doing so would be a great and helpful tool.

It fits a progression of mental logic and/or description of virtually any physical universe object/natural phenomenon/construction.

[ (Thesis x Antithesis)  <->  Synthesis ]  = Hegelian Dialectic

[ Roots  <->  (Trunk x Branches) ]  = Tree

[ Electricity  <->  ( + charge x -charge) ]  = electro-magnetism

[ Driver  <-> (integrated devices X For the purpose of movement, work etc.) ]  =  car, truck


It is affirmingly integrative of all realities and yet recognizes and enables the choosing of the primary, most helpful and most ethical one in the model.

[ Hypothesis  <->  ( methodical dualistic comparison to hypothesis) ]  = scientific method

[ (Space x Time)  <->  Self Awareness-Consciousness itself ]  = Graceful and gracious flow of spiritual Life and Living

[ (trinity-unity of scientific method x trinity-unity of spirituality)  <->  trinity-unity of their integration ]  =   valid integration of scientific and spiritual  realities


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