Somehow The Third Way Must Get Presented To Trump

So that hopefully he can see that the tired old orthodoxies of both the left and right are woefully inadequate in an age of ever increasing capital appreciation and the erosion of employment/individual incomes due to artificial intelligence.
Or a movement to present it to the small to medium sized business community, to students, to the 30-40% of those who will lose their jobs due to AI etc. All three of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and President Obama have uttered the word gracious in the last few hours. They and as many as possible need to realize that grace/graciousness is not just the momentary solution, but the continuing and temporal policy one as well. The third and higher way is and always has been the way.
OH:  Well said!
GM:  Good thinking. This election rejected not just Hillary but an old establishment and worldview.  It is anti-globalization, anti-neoliberlism, etc.  In context with Brexit.  Time not just to turn a new page but toss the old book out the window.  White college grads, aka the most fully indoctrinated, broke for Hillary, Les Mis for Trump.  He really ran on Pat Buchanan’s old platform and now formerly taboo topics are front and center.
Me:  Thanks Oliver, and thank you too Greg. Yes, the trick will be to get Trump to see that orthodox stimulation of the economy like he has put forth for infrastructure etc. while making the economy improve somewhat still will not resolve the underlying macro-economic problems identified by Douglas. Trump being a political outsider and hopefully being interested in real change might be able to understand the difference between palliatives and ultimate solutions. I’m not holding my breathe for him to see the truth of the third resolving way, but Trump is a gambler and likes being thought of as an innovator….so if he went for it and worked to get Social Credit policies implemented he’d probably be considered right up there with political luminaries like Lincoln and Washington. And that possibility is how it should be marketed to him. Again the trick will be getting past all of the mandarins buffering him from such possibilities while slandering the intelligent holistic third way.
The position to watch is Secretary of the Treasury. When Obama made Timothy Geithner  treasury secretary you knew something like monetary grace as in gifting was never getting to his (the president’s) ear. Actually there are people unconscious of the freeing aspects of the concept of grace all over the political (and general)  landscape.  The best hope to change that is someone publishes a best selling book that declares that power, and so awakens everyone to the unethically naked domination of the economic and financial emperors.
GM:  There’s Buzz that Jamie Simon is on treas sec shortlist
Me:  Jamie Dimon and  Steven Mnuchin would both probably consider SC completely anathema.  Being JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs  alumni will have molded their minds to current macro orthodoxy, or worse the aberrated general equilibrium mindset of derivative and casino capitalism.   It would literally take a “road to Damascus” incident for these types to see the efficacy of SC. This is the problem with orthodoxies…they become habitual and hence one loses contact with the present moment. The present moment and the continuing flow of moments being integral aspects of the experience of Grace tends to undo orthodoxy and its negative  qualities.
As for the Clintons or Obama no indication any have heard of it, and even if they have, some aspect of current economic orthodoxy would undoubtedly close their minds to it. Shortly after he took office Obama came out with the de-bunked idea that there was a positive “multiplier effect” to individual incomes from injection of spending (the only way incomes can possibly equal costs is direct distribution to the individual, i.e. the dividend and reciprocal gifting at retail sale, i.e. the discount).
Steve Bannon, if being considered for chief of staff, (chief of staff is usually the ultimate filterer of information that actually gets to the president), would be a complete disaster for any hope of getting SC to Trump. First of all he’s out to destroy the left (destroy and transcend are not the same thing and the latter is what SC would do to the left) and secondly he’s such an orthodox alt-rightist that he would undoubtedly make the mistake of associating Social Credit with socialism which is an ultimate misunderstanding of SC.
OH:  Yes, Social Credit would transcend the left and the right … enough of these silly false paradigms and the perpetual and fruitless conflicts they engender. Time for the radical centre.
Me:   Yes, Social Credit is the ultimate and strengthening radical centre, the genuine third way, the reflection of the concept of Trinity-Unity-Oneness and the economic integration of the best essence of both capitalism and socialism, namely dynamic and cost effective profit making systems and the intention of abundant economic and monetary democracy. And integration/Wisdom and its ultimate pinnacle concept Grace is a two edged sword so it cuts in truth and cuts out untruth. Hence it cuts out cut throat inhumane and unethical capitalism and socialistic re-distributive taxation, cuts out the dominating and monopolistic rule of private finance and totalitarian governmental tyranny, etc. etc. etc.
WK:  I have little respect for political party power politics, per se, am not an American and have very different belief system than that of the Democrats and Republicans (Liberals and Conservatives), and for the divisive and false Left-Right dichotomy prevailing around the world.  I support Donald Trump for his independence and declared repudiation of the whole ensconced, corrupt financial and political Establishment supported by a complicit and compliant media.  If he continues to operate in accordance with the defective and exploitative orthodox system of Banking, debt and erroneous national cost accountancy, then his Administration will fall upon the shoals of financial ignorance as do virtually all Governments in time.  If he adopts sane and sound financial policy his Administration will enable the real credit, i..e., the ability of the American economy to deliver  goods and services as, when and where required or desired, with increasing leisure, on an almost miraculous scale of achievement.
GM:  Trump has broken the old Washington consensus, and threatened a status quo whose elites of course loathe him.  He is a populist above all. The populace is no longer swallowing the old kant.
Me:  Yes, but we need to never forget that the third way is the wise way. Wisdom is the integration of truths…and the deletion of untruths….on both sides.  That’s what makes Social Credit the answer…because it is par excel-lance integrative and so wise. In fact it is an entirely third thing from mere capitalism or socialism, it is grace applied to the economic and money systems.
WK:  True, but it is up to us to find a way to make our point with those who might be willing to listen and who might be in a position to exercise the required influence.
Me:  Yes, and I’m all for that. I think we should try also try my idea of an Operation Applied Economic and Monetary Grace. No one has given any feedback regarding such an attempt to influence major constituencies like the small to medium sized business community, students and the general public. What is referred to as The Powell Memo, a letter written after Barry Goldwater’s devastating defeat by LBJ by William J. Powell, Jr. who went on to become a supreme court justice. The letter suggested that conservatives start a grass roots movement of entering and influencing groups and positions in order to stop  socialist thinking. Conservatives elected Richard Nixon in two elections only 4 years later…but 50 years later here we are in the same contentious soup. The third integrative way requires “a new Powell memo”.

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