The Cosmic Code: Falsity of The Quantity Theory of Money and the Velocity of its Circulation As a Means of Increasing Individual Incomes/Eliminating the Scarcity Ratio of Total Costs and Total Effective Individual Incomes

[ monetary grace/dividend/discount  <->  (costing pricing system inherent to enterprise x money injected into economy via enterprise) ]  =  only way to bring a temporal, i.e. moment to moment balance to total individual incomes and total prices

This can be reduced to:

[ + $  <->  ( -$  x -$ ) ]

In other words total effective individual incomes are reduced by both the ever present costing/pricing system of commerce and also by the indirect injection of money into enterprises first which only re-initiates the costing/pricing system and the moment to moment cost inflationary nature of commerce resulting from it….and a direct and costless gift of money to the individual in the form of a universal dividend and a reciprocal/reciprocated gift to the individual and then back to merchants at retail sale are the remedy of this scarcity ratio.


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