The Cosmic Code: Bringing Consciousness/Grace To Everything In Life

The most neglected, invalidated and missed factor in Life is consciousness itself and its unity within diversity character. People get caught up in the dualistic me versus them, me versus the physical universe, me versus any counter intention, counter idea, counter force. This is inevitable of course, but if one includes both the dualistic realities of Life and also uses one of the many aspects of consciousness itself to examine and to enhance the dualisms one is concerned with both within and without themselves, then whatever the personal situation or systemic condition, it will resolve.

And this is the value of The Cosmic Code. It is a method, a formula for building and making consciousness itself more prevalent and more real to the individual. It’s a “plug and play” means of solving problems. It’s simple but not simplistic. It’s analytical but not cold, unfeeling or incomplete in that analysis. It’s inclusive of all of the beautiful, caring, humane, strengthening and empowering aspects of consciousness and rigorously scientific at the same time. It is an identification of the wholeness of Life and the cosmos, and the ultimate integrative process for self actualizing the same.


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