Grace, The Quantum Universe and The Cosmic Code

[ Consciousness <->  (particle existing  x  particle not existing) ]  =  omniscience and omni-presence….of consciousness in quantum universe and the continually alternating state of knowingness and un-knowingness in the physical/temporal universe


[ Affinity <->  (Realities x Communicating) ]  =  the ultimate integrated closeness also known as the state of Grace resulting from agreement between a conscious or two or more conscious beings

[ (effort, emotion, thought, intention x counter effort, emotion, thought, intention)  x consciousness ]  =  the process of ab-reaction therapy and cognition

[ (the continual integrating of Dualities)  x  by a conscious viewpoint and within an integrative ethic of love, beauty, truth and pragmatism ]  =  the pinnacle of Wisdom also known as Grace


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