Posted To Mish Shedlock’s Blog 11/1/2016

“No matter how much factories became more efficient, the bank never let the CPI become more affordable. Shoppers could not afford the products.
Bankers confiscated the entire efficiency gain, leaving none for Joe and Jane average.”

Yes. The insight is that, systemically, the rate of flow of total costs/prices exceeds the rate of flow of total individual incomes.

And the solution is a continuing gift of money directly to the individual in addition to what they make at work for pay and a discount to retail prices that is rebated back to the merchants who give it, both mandated by a truly independent monetary authority, that is not the FED nor by a manipulable government body, but rather a constitutionally created decree. Actually the dual policies should be implemented by a government policy first and then their obviousness as the balanced and balancing solution will make them a no brainer as a constitutional amendment.

And, sorry, enabling collapse, chaos and the horrors of same is NOT the route to go. Creative destruction is erudite idiocy and a sadly mistaken fantasy solution until the system’s two most basic problems, systemic scarcity of individual income in ratio to costs/prices, are addressed and resolved.

Now you can refuse to publish this post Mish….but you cannot deny the the utter wisdom of choosing solutions over chaos.


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