The Real State of Grace and Trinity-Unity-Oneness

Grace is a free flowing state that recognizes and affirms all realities, deletes/unknows falsehoods, unworkabilities and inapplicabilities, and also possesses an acute sense of ethics and what is best, good, most whole and complete.  Love is the  core experience and purpose of Life, Grace is a continuous loving flow and love in action is the very definition of Grace. Grace is the pinnacle concept and experience of Wisdom.

Grace is a trinity-unity-oneness of space, time and self awareness/consciousness.

Grace/Consciousness exists and is such an utterly integrated aspect of the cosmos that one need only be open enough to perceive it for it to be a reality for one.

Every single and separate thing in the cosmos can be consciously perceived as what it is, a comparison between two different isnesses and/or a third state consciously perceived of their integration. An integration consists of only  truth(s), only what works best and only what specifically applies in any given circumstance or condition and so enables a thirdness and a greater oneness. Anything less than this is a mere conglomerate and so does not enable a trinity-unity-oneness.


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