Thirdness-Oneness: Always the Loving Answer to…Everything

Obsessive Duality hides/masquerades as objectivity and can unconsciously habituate one to doubt and contention. This is not to decry Dualism per se, simply to understand that habit is not conscious and flowing behavior….which is what The Cosmic Code expresses. The Cosmic Code affirms all realities and simply points at the good, the best, i.e. the loving and consciously integrated resulting expression of any and all Dualities.

All temporal/physical reality appears to be Dualistic until you experience/include the existence of love/consciousness at which moment thirdness-oneness is revealed to you….and you can begin the process of integrating each and every Dualism you are habituated to until your life becomes a seamless flow of (more) intensely, joyously and consciously affirmed experiences.

Thirdness-Oneness, always the loving answer to….everything.


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