Contrasting Description of The Process of The Cosmic Code

Yes, puritanism is essentially the already well defined psychological profile of authoritarianism characterized by obsessive legalism, moralism and agreement with rules and culturally biased viewpoints for their own sake and with little or no actual examination of them.  It’s an easily “hung up” mindset. The resolution of that mindset is integration of the particles of ethical and caring truth(s), workabilities, applicabilities and existences in seeming opposites and, to the best of one’s abilities, the gracious recognition/rejection of falsehoods and/or incomplete analyses. The PHILOSOPHICAL AND EXISTENTIAL concept of grace and personal graciousness being the operant and underlying factor in that process.

The resolution to puritanism/authoritarianism is continual contemplation of grace which would self actualize it,  because after all, “as a man thinketh, so is he”. And likewise resolution of any resistance to Wisdomics/Gracenomics/Social Credit could be accomplished by continual looking at what the immediate and continuing effects of SC’s graciously flowing policies would be.

The increasing problem with Modernity is that it is stuck in obsessive Dualism when a third, more unified and gracious state of mind and/or  systemic condition, a Trinity-Unity, is the answer it fervently and rationally seeks.


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