Imaginary Response To Warren Buffet’s Insightful Quote

“Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction.” Warren Buffet

Me:  Yes. Another reason why monetary grace as in responsibility for correcting/unwinding monetary-debt error without foisting that responsibility off onto others….is so necessary. It’s also why monetary grace as in forgiveness of debt/jubilee is also grace as in Wisdom…as the lingering and actually increasing debt overhang threatens to endanger everyone and everything unnecessarily. And grace as in swift, definitive, wise and caring action in the present moment is the way out of the current mess and the way home to freedom and continuing prosperity.

Some might say, “Everybody knows this.” But that’s just it, the fact is they don’t know it CONSCIOUSLY, or perhaps consciously enough due to having fragmented and/or dissonant ideas that obscure the truth expressed. And this is no crime of course….but neither is it an excuse not to consider it and help to create a better world. After all Wisdom and grace as in the ethical integration of thought and action is the healthy and constructive response.


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