Posted To Mish Shedlock In Response To His Advocating a Politician Whose Approach To Brexit Is Integrative And Hence a Call For Trinity-Unity

Very good Mish you’re embracing the “third way”. A Trinity-Unity is always the actual best and most complete solution as in:

[ (the truths and workabilities of Capitalism x the humane intentions of Socialism) –> the integrative profit making policies of Social Credit ]

The third integrative way Mish. That’s all I’ve ever advocated here. That is what I call The Cosmic Code which is the title of my latest book. I know you can see parts of it because you recognize the wisdom of what this guy is saying and also the inevitability of robotics and AI massively eroding aggregate individual incomes. Just look at the whole picture, the whole concept. I know you can do it. You’ve got an open mind. Just open it a little more.

As forgiveness of sin is the gracious and Wise resolution for both the sinner and the accuser, so is debt forgiveness and continuing policies of monetary grace the wise answer to a system that is increasingly de-stabilized by a disequilibrium of individual incomes and costs/prices.


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