The Cosmic Code For Consciousness and Grace and Both Its Pinnacle and Underlying Reality Described

Two (a Duality whose separate truth(s) are integrated) within three (creates a third state/condition) that is one (a more inclusive, unified, dynamic and continuously flowing oneness).

Two within three that is one is The Cosmic Code and also describes the individual state of Consciousness/Grace/Spirit

[ ( A x B ) –> C/G/S ]   The Cosmic Code’s more underlying personal and quantum reality is actually just a reversal of the Code  [ C/G/S –> ( A + B ) ]

The Cosmic Code can be used to raise consciousness of both temporal and personal realities, be both a personal therapeutic formula and equally a formula for systemic and theoretical diagnosis, integration and problem solving, keep both science and religious viewpoints dynamic and open and is the basis for a new ethic of Wisdom and graciousness.

[ (Space x Time) –>  Self Awareness ] = Grace

[ (Space x Time)  –>  Consciousness ] = a flowing conscious viewpoint of dimension

[(Body x Mind ) –> Consciousness/Spirit ] = Integrated Human Being

[ ( Faith/Confidence x Hope ) –> Love in action ] = Grace

[(Best aspects of Capitalism x Best Intentions of Socialism) –> Wisdomics/Gracenomics/Social Credit ] = The next evolution of economic philosophy and policy



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