Post To Social Credit Group Regarding the Inevitable Taint of Association With Anti-Semitism

I think we’re all making a mistake here, particularly in discussing Douglas and anti-semitism. Why? Not because we desire to be closed minded and un-objective about Douglas, but because the overriding reality is that anti-semitism is one of those broadly believed and condemned ideas in society today. Thus any mention of Douglas in association with it is going to immediately make the minds of the vast majority clank shut like a jail door. And this even if Greg writes as objectively as he can. No matter the facts of Douglas’s economic and monetary insights and actions the very mention of him possibly being anti-semitic will have the effect of making Social Credit radio-active in the minds of the vast majority afflicted with the puritanical mindset, a primary aspect of which is the love of condemnation of wrong….as opposed to Grace which is love in action and upon which Social Credit is actually economically and monetarily based. The world is trapped in obsessive contention. Rather than put our heads in that never ending and impossible to win noose let us simply show how Social Credit helps everyone and all businesses that have legitimate non-dominating intentions to live more prosperously.


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