The Cosmic Code Of Grace-Consciousness

The truth is the only thing that it is safe to generalize about is Grace because two of its aspects are Bothness integrated, i.e. Duality and the mental and/or physical action-process of Bothness-Andness-Oneness, i.e. Trinity-Unity. Put these two concepts/aspects together within an integrative framework of love, wisdom-discernment and action and you have described and defined both the human experience of Grace and the physical universe’s very processes as well. For instance:

[ (- charge x + charge) –> Electricity/Electro-magnetism ]

The integration of thought and action/Philosophy and policy

[ (thought  x action) –> Love ]   Grace

an object

[ (trunk x branches) –> roots ]  tree

an integrated human being

[ (Space x Time) –> Consciousness ]   Grace/a fully integrated human being

chemical process of synthesis

[ (chemical x chemical –>  third synthesized chemical state ]

the therapeutic process

[ (problem x problem) –> resolution/mental transformation process ]



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