Posts To The Social Credit Group (Cont)

Me:  To me thinking about the numbers is fine, but even more important IMO is making the combined individual purchasing power of the dividend and discount be sufficient to reverse the moment to moment cost/price inflationary nature of the economy so that it immediately and continually becomes price deflationary. Grace cannot be characterized as scarce or austere. It is abundance. The interpenetrativeness and immediacy of effect of the dividend and the macro-economic encompassing nature of the discount percentage are naturally balancing mechanisms through time. Just add sufficient abundance and you could have “the higher disequilibrium” of the rate of flow of individual incomes being greater than the rate of flow of total costs/prices, i.e. abundant incomes and price deflation. This would tend to downsize the necessity of finance, spur innovation and AI thus increasing competition for profit and accelerating the elimination of human input making increased leisure a reality. And of course you could also coordinate an integrated effort on the part of the government, the religious community and the helping professions to counsel and advise the public about the many positive purposes they could self determinedly choose to do for their interest and edification….other than/in addition to employment.


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