What Is The Significance and The Possibilities of The Cosmic Code

It brings consciousness of the process of Wisdom to our modern intellectually and systemically fragmented world.

As The Cosmic Code applies to all spheres of human experience and activity and Wisdom is acknowledged as a supreme good its application is a stable and general path toward individual improvement and excellence, and human cultural maturity as well.

Understanding the true value and usefulness  of Wisdom, the Cosmic Code can serve as the impetus for the formation of a new ethic of Wisdom.

As The Cosmic Code establishes that nothing and no one can remain static and unchanging while in the temporal universe, it also establishes that if you do not utilize Wisdom to improve and strengthen yourself….you WILL get worse….and so it is a rational motivation to use it to do so.

As Will-Intention is the beginning of action and is intensified by emotion, Grace is the pinnacle joyous and freeing experience of Wisdom, the mental and emotional precursors to Grace are Faith as in Confidence, which enables action, and Hope, which excites and encourages future action,  so do these linked states foster, synergize and build the beginning of intention and so action for and toward Wisdom.



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