Posted To Steve Keen’s youtube Video 09/24/20126

Congratulations, you have re-discovered the costing factor of waste/wasted energy which is a major overlooked economically disequilibrating aspect of “the Gap” in C. H. Douglas’s Social Credit. And as thermo-dynamics shows us that energy is entropic there is no scientific way to balance the economic/productive system….except by implementing policies that are non-entropic-costless, which in a monetary economy means an additional, balancing and gracious gift of money to the individual and a reciprocally gifted discount to prices at the very end of the entire economic process at retail sale that enables the system to become free flowing as well. Just continuously apply your own call for “a modern debt jubilee” which is wisely and philosophically aligned with the concept of Grace as in Gifting and relevant to the current debt overhang….and your iconoclastic theoretical efforts will bring you into agreement with Douglas and be worthy of a Nobel. Perhaps you could posthumously acknowledge Douglas in your acceptance speech. And it’s true you can’t reform away the inherent problems of either capitalism or socialism, but you can transform them away into a third more unified and workable profit making system of monetary Distributism by utilizing strategically implemented gracious policies that align with and more deeply, directly and continuously effect your already stated policy goal of “a modern debt jubilee”.



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