The Cosmic Code: Two Within Three That Is One. A Theory of Everything

The Cosmic Code is the very expression of wisdom itself, its process and its pinnacle experience, as well as the temporal systemic result of its continued application. This trinity-unity of abstraction, dynamism and conscious experience/temporal condition is an integration of the elemental aspects of space, time and self (and reflectively any sufficiently integrated systemic state) known as the/a state of Grace. It is the expression of two within three that is simultaneously one, and is universally applicable in all spheres making it a legitimate TOE (Theory of Everything).

The Cosmic Code is so elegantly simple that intellectual vanity is often repelled by it, and simultaneously so inclusive and integrative of the incredible diversity of the universe that it tends to be rejected by the spiritually orthodox. The Cosmic Code is a formula whose application is intended to lead on to the non-formulaic aspects, whether individually or systemically, of what is referred to as the flow state. It also includes the integration of opposites and an ethic of inclusiveness itself which is intended to foster the essence of individual tolerance and open mindedness toward data which is the signature of good science if not scientific breakthrough. It gives objective and conscious expression to what is too often unconscious and considered “merely” subjective instead of what it actually is….always and essentially existent….and hence unscientific not to consider.

Because of its balanced integration of opposites and balancing inclusion of ethics it puts the lie to the historically unbalanced thinking of both unbridled scientism and religious fanaticism.


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