Bringing Consciousness and Ethics To Economics and Money Systems: A Declaration of Gracious Independence From Power

Economists and economic pundits have to recognize that while the Banking system is certainly allowed to profit from it, the money/credit that they distribute does not and should not actually belong to them. They must also recognize that “systems were made for man, not Man for systems”, and thus have the conscious philosophical clarity and the rationally logical policy follow through that aligns them with that bedrock ethical understanding. And without these a priori most basic understandings anyone speaking about economics and the economic and monetary systems should immediately be understood as either confused, bought by some interest or, no matter how erudite….an ethically “challenged” individual.

Money is the temporal expression of power. Power unbound to the above understandings is tyranny waiting to occur. Only a philosophy grounded in grace and graciousness, which is love in action and hence temporally the intention of taking power in order to return it to and enable the individual, can resolve the problematic nature of money.


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