Grace: The Trinity-Unity That Ends Tyrannical Systems, Empowers the Individual to Choose and Integrates Spirituality Into Everyday Life

Systems have always tended to be restrictive, tyrannical and demoralizing. This is most basically because systemic philosophy and policies have been more concerned with the systems’ own power than empowerment of the individual, freedom of choice and promoting the most basic and powerful concept enabling the healthiness and enrichment of self actualization.

The concept to end this very negative and unwise condition has now been recognized as Grace, of which action is an integral aspect, and so both the mental contemplation and cultivation of grace-graciousness  and the alignment of systemic policies (which is the action of systems) with same, are necessary or one misses the mark of it.

Contemplate the various aspects of Grace and imbue our systems with policies that create the same…..and an increase and deepening of every healthiness will result.


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