Posted To Mish Shedlock’s Blog 08/29/2016

Me:  We can let things collapse and in he pressure and chaos not get actual solutions to our problems, or deal with them terminatedly before hand with Wise, gracious and ethical policies. But that takes people dropping orthodoxies and agendas and rising to actual Wisdom and actual solutions via integrating the best, most true, most workable and most ethical combinations of opposing theories.

JD:  The wise, gracious, and ethical thing to do is stop the immigration. Voluntarily destroying one’s society is sick. We need to start cutting ties with Europe. They are going down.

Me: Immigration is an effect of economic austerity and it’s consequent imperial foreign policy. It is an effect, not a cause and while I completely agree that high volumes of immigration are not a good thing being reactionary about it is the complete opposite of wisdom and graciousness seeings how the essence of grace is granting beingness to others, i.e. tolerance.


Regarding the out of control healthcare system:

Me:  Grace as in Gifting integrated into profit making systems is the answer to the healthcare debacle we are facing. That and Grace as in the essence of consciousness and ethics, neither of which would tolerate the wild price gauging that we see by pharmaceutical corporations.


Me:  “The alternative is socialism.”

No, the alternative is financial Distributism. Behind all economic instability is the financial monopoly on credit creation and that monopoly’s enforcement of the paradigm of Debt and loan only. If monetary Gifting were allowed to be integrated into the banking and financial systems via the policies of a universal dividend and retail discount to prices you’d have individual economic freedom, much less socialistic re-distributive taxation, much more business profits, systemic free flowingness and price deflation as a continuing vector of the entire economy. It would be all upside. In addition it would end the economic necessity of an imperialistic foreign policy due to insufficient systemic aggregate demand.

Government is stupid and bought, but the more underlying problem is the problematic monetary paradigm. And if we don’t fix that….a vulgar socialism or fascism will destroy or dominate profit making systems.


Regarding Lay offs at Honeywell and Boeing:

Aggregate demand is going to increasingly be destroyed by technological innovation and AI way above the rate it has been doing so for the last 40-50 years. Along with the already inherent scarcity ratio of total individual incomes to total costs/prices this means there will be increasing economic instability without the integration of the monetary policies of a universal dividend and retail discount into modern economies.

Here is the url to an excellent explanation of the cost accounting basics that confirms the above inherent state of our economy:

The Social Credit Analysis of Cost


Me:  The vast majority of transfer taxes for individuals and businesses could be eliminated by a direct Distributist monetary paradigm that would simultaneously rectify both governmental idiocy and the monopoly on credit creation by the Banking system so glaringly in contradiction to an allegedly competitive profit making economic system.

And no, it would not be inflationary, but rather price deflationary….exactly like Austrian theorists would like to see occur.


Me:  You’re flushed if you do (exit with a profit making economic system that is inherently non-self liquidating) or don’t (remain in the financial prison of the EU). The only alternative is a system that enables individual nations to self liquidate and hence be independent from both the dominating Banking system and a coalescing international financial/military system that has no qualms about instigating and/or manipulating economies into war in order to profit and maintain the non-self liquidating system.




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