Life and Living: Unity, Duality, Trinity and Quadrinity

Life is Unity-Infancy, Duality-Learning and Trinity-Integration, and then Quadrinity which is also back to infancy regarding the levels of awareness of the integration of the aspects of Grace.

Moment to Moment Life follows the same pattern in that one has a problem which begins with a postulate-unitary statement which one allows to be/become opposed in some way by a counter postulate and thus becomes a Duality. The Duality is resolved by integration which results in a third and freed condition, a Trinity-Unity. The next problem will inevitably present itself as the process continues. Learning to integrate speeds up and frees one so that increasingly they can begin to integrate the experience of resolution-cognition which is Grace and (hopefully) integrate the aspects of Grace itself.

Quadrinity: The process of beginning again, continuous reset, re-start and creation of Trinity, also the ethic of same and of the continuance of conscious non-grasping, non-holding and so flow.


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