Monopoly, And Duality Within Trinity Within Quadrinity

Tentative introduction to my book: Monopoly, And Duality Wthin Trinity Within Quadrinity

The healthy, balanced and enlightened life is one of continual integration of the realities encountered. Having a conceptual framework for those integrations is therefore an extremely important and useful tool. Monopoly, And Duality Wthin Trinity Within Quadrinity is one such modern framework and tool that links those realities in inclusive integrations  that simultaneously raise knowledge as in data, understanding as in philosophy and self knowledge as in Spirituality.  Please use it to help yourself, and to build a better society for yourself and all the World’s people.

These states are reflective/existent in all spheres from microcosm to macrocosm in physical nature and from the individual to Man’s most complex systems.

The act/actions of an actual integration of an actual Duality enables both a combination/expansion of relevant data and an ascension of the category/form of knowing from mere data to philosophical understanding and onto personal self knowledge. As Duality is the traditional signature of both the physical universe and of objective thinking/scientific method and Trinity is the traditional signature of Self Awareness/Consciousness/Spirituality both states/conditions are wed to each other in the formula:

[(Duality) X Trinity] thus necessarily binding them so that neither state, in the temporal affairs of Man, can claim exclusive importance. Again Wisdom is both for temporal application and for its most ethical application…for failure to thoroughgoingly and conscientiously consider the Other is the Monopolistic/narcissistic caricature of Oneness/unity within diversity of Trinity.

One is entitled to have their own opinion about which is the ultimate or deeper reality, but never to enforce that opinion on another. However, as Trinity/Wisdom/Integration is the actual signature of both physical nature and inclusiveness, wholeness and completeness and a fuller awareness of both Self and the Other seems to be its result….its integration into Man’s thinking and acting seems to be in order.

Exercise for the scientistic:  Stretch out one’s hand and repeat the statement: I am not perceiving my hand.

Effects of Social Credit Policies Expressed in Duality Within Trinity Template

[(Debt, Gifting)  X Economic Equilibrium]  Balancing the Monopolistic  Consumer Financial Paradigm of Debt

[(Financing only for production, Financing for consumption)  X  Economic Equilibrium Enables and brings balance to economy,  economic freedom to the Individual, ends obsessive production/wastefulness of resources just to attempt (and fail) to continually bring equity to total individual incomes and total consumer prices

[(Subtraction of Spendable Individual Income from the flow of the economy, Addition of Spendable Individual Income to the flow of the economy)  X  Stasis of the cost of borrowing]   Equating costs/prices in a creditary/digital/monetary economy

[(Indirect creation/distribution of Individual Income, Direct creation/distribution of Individual income)  X Equation of costs/prices and Individual Incomes]      Immediacy of policy effect/Completeness of equation/Bringing Simultaneity to the Economy

[(Wage slavery, Gifting) X  Immanent Economic Freedom  for the Individual]   Bringing  Ethical Rectitude to Economics Enabling/Empowering the Individual so that the System serves the Individual instead of the individual having to slavishly serve the system

[(Time as a moment/Present Time, Time/Space as a flow of moments which enables and allows for Change) X Conscious awareness of Both Simultaneity and Continuity of effect of policy of Dividend and Discount

[(Reduction/elimination of taxes on business, Reduction/elimination of taxes on the working individual)  X More Abundant profits and savings for both and a consequent lessening of the need for Debt Finance for both as well]

Note: the above Duality also contains a Trinity (Time, Space (and so the possibility of) Change) within it.

Note:  The Integration/Trinity of [(Time, Space) and Self Awareness/Consciousness] is the most basic one, and the (Duality, Trinity) aspect of the Dual nature of Time is reflective of both Trinity as the basic nature of Reality and of Self Awareness/Consciousness actually being the operative/causitive “thing” that explains/enables an understanding of that temporal fact/personal reality.

Consciousness must have existed/co-existed with Space and Time…otherwise they never would have materialized/come into existence or be perceivable. Note:  The Double slit experiment showing the wave/particle dual aspect of light is actually a demonstration of the causitive nature of the third/trinitarian factor of consciousness


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